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Bentrup controllers can sense important faults that may occur with the kiln during firing, such as broken thermocouples, broken elements or a faulty door switch. The most vital feature is that the controller is able to sense if the temperature fails to rise, shutting the kiln down before any expensive damage is incurred. Also, if the actual kiln temperature exceeds the set point temperature by 20°C a shut down will occur.

All kilns are fitted with an additional "safety" contactor, ensuring that if one contactor fails the safety contactor will still be able to switch the kiln off. Front loading kilns are also fitted with a traditional heat fuse, which will turn off the kiln if all other back-up systems fail.

These kilns can therefore be fired without constant monitoring after starting. This ensures peace of mind for the potter once the firing has commenced.

These safety features are particularly important in schools where the safety of the kiln is of the utmost importance.