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Botz Unidekor can be used for nearly every ceramic decorating technique. 

Stoneware:  Most Botz Unidekor colours develop a vibrant intensity even above 1220 degrees C. Only 4003, 4005 and 4015 fade above 1100 degrees.  Apply thicker coats and glaze with Transparent (9870). 

Porcelain:  Apply plenty of colour and fire to a minimum 1200 degrees C or apply a thin coat of 9106 and fire at 1080. 

Onglaze:  Bought earthenware plates or tiles can be decorated with Botz Unidekor and fired at 1050. 

Majolica:  Apply Unidekor to dry glaze surface using a decoration brush. 

Underglaze:  Unidekor is ideal for decoration of bisque fired unglazed ware or tiles.  Apply the slightly diluted colours like watercolour.  You could even create a few colour highlights on top.  When dry, apply a thin layer of Transparent (9102) with a soft brush and fire at 1050. 

Sponging:  Soaking a sponge in Unidekor and dabbing onto the surface works well, or spray undiluted using an airbrush with a medium nozzle. 

Relief:  Unidekor is a safe substitute for oxide decoration on relief, which can be hazardous to health. Apply and then wipe the surface. 

Stencilling: Choose a thin stencil and stipple the colour into the gaps two or three times.  Lift the stencil once the colour has dried, and glaze carefully with transparent using a soft brush.