Shimpo RK55 Potters Wheel RK55

Shimpo RK55 Potters Wheel

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£ 650.00
(£ 780.00 incl VAT)

Adjustable Wheel Stool


Up to 11 kg (25lb) centring capacity

Three-leg design increases stability

Built-in worktable for tools and pots

Two-piece splashpan

Remote foot pedal

Modular design for compact storage

1.8m power supply cord

Two year manufacturers warranty



Motor: 1/8 HP 100W

Drive System: DC Motor with Brush

Wheelhead Speed: 0-250RPM

Wheelhead Direction: Clockwise / Counter clockwise

Wheelhead: 300mm / 12 light alloy casting

Dimension: w 560mm  x d 720mm x h 540mm

Weight: 23kg 

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