Earthstone Smooth Textured ES20 (New Molochite White) ES20_509

Earthstone Smooth Textured

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1180 - 1280°C. Suitable for large thrown pieces, but also excellent for hand and slab building and coiling. ES 20 is a particularly versatile clay which matures between 1180°C - 1280°C and fires off white.  ES 20’s low shrinkage means that it is highly resistant to warping, cracking and thermal shock. ES 20 is particularly suited to throwing large pieces and the addition of specially selected molochite means that it is also excellent for hand building, slab building and coiling.

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This clay is also ideal for Raku. I use it all the time. Throw or Hand build. Bisque to 1000. Tim Huckstepp
Bought from the Clay Cellar