Low Firing and Burnishing - Sumi Von Dassow Low_Firing_and_Burnishing_-_Sumi_Von_Dassow

Low Firing and Burnishing - Sumi Von Dassow

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'A very useful reference work if starting out on burnishing & low fired finishes for pots'
--London Potters

Product Description

This book covers techniques of firing and finishing at low temperature without using glazes. Many ancient cultures and contemporary potters use methods of low firing, adding slips and burnishing pieces to create a more natural finish. The advantages are that it can be done without a kiln using old dustbins, pits dug out of the earth, or bonfires, meaning that providing you have outdoor space, it can be done on a low budget. This book is a step-by-step practical approach and beginner's guide, which focuses on how to do low firing and natural finishes, with many illustrations of beautiful work by contemporary makers. Chapters include burnishing, terra sigillata, smoke-firing, pit-firing, saggar firing and raku techniques.

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