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Coiling - Michael Hardy

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"A practical guide..." Crafts (July 2006) "This handbook is wonderful... I found the research inspiring." London Potters Newsletter (Oct/Nov 2006)

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It is a natural response to the plasticity of clay to roll it between the hands to produce a coil. It was not long before early man saw the potential for building up the coils one upon the other and joining them together to form the wall of a hollow vessel. Coiling has become one of the most versatile ceramic techniques and pots of enormous size and amazing variety have been made in this way. Sculptural pieces can also be made using this method of construction, creating forms that range from human and animal to very irregular abstract shapes. This practical handbook fully explores this technique covering its history, materials used, tools and equipment, and methods. It looks at methods used and forms created in countries as far apart as Africa, South America and the Mediterranean; and also shows how today's potters and sculptors have developed this technique to make a wide range of forms for the contemporary world.

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