Ceramics in the Environment - Janet Mansfield Ceramics_in_the_Environment_-_Janet_Mansfield

Ceramics in the Environment - Janet Mansfield

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Ceramics and the Environment deals with the increasing movement to produce large-scale works of art for the environment - whether in a building, street, park or landscape. This book looks at the practcalities of these monumental artworks such as firing, installing and weatherproofing, along with other issues such as the aesthetics and suitability of the piece to its surroundings. The author looks at all these issues as well as themes in these artworks by looking at specific projects built by artists.

About the Author

Janet Mansfield is the editor of Ceramics: Art & Perception, and Ceramics Technical, as well as being a widely-known ceramicist. She is often asked to be a judge on international panels.

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